Video Testimonials

Brenna describes her weight loss.

Brittany has quit smoking!  Congatulations.

Christie has overcome her anxiety and is feeling great!

Melanie has eliminated her addiction to Pepsi and French Fries.  She has also overcome her fear of snakes.

Andrea describes how great she feels after battling anxiety for years. She also describes how her life has improved through hypnosis and NLP!

Shawn describes the focus and intensity he has been able to achieve in his workouts.

 Kim talks about how she has gained control over her anxiety.

Isabelle has been able to work through her ineffective unconscious patterns of thinking and behaviour.

Corey describes how to doubled his sales in his business by addressing the limiting beliefs he held about himself.  

Natasha describes how historical sexual abuse and the unresolved emotions around these events were responsible for physical symptoms.  

Cole Ferguson describes how he no longer has nightmares or panic attacks due to PTSD from an accident he had as a child.

Jason Ferguson describes the changes he has witnessed in his son, Cole. Cole suffered from PTSD as a result of an accident.

Kim describes how her 12 year old son overcame his anxiety through the use of Hypnosis and NLP.

Travis works for the federal government and needs to be able to communicate in french. He is fluently bilingual but had a mental block that prevented him from speaking in French comfortably. Now, he is very comfortable speaking French and has noticed positive changes in many other areas as well.

Tyler Griesseier, a competitive arm wrestler, gains competitive advantage through mental focus.

Learn about the NLP communication model and how it can help ease your anxiety during these difficult times.

Rachel learns how to control her emotions. She has noticed she is far more tolerant of others and her life is better as a result.

Bob quit smoking after just one session. This is video 1 of 5. Each time Bob comes for session I will post a short video of his progress.

Bob is still not smoking.  Listen to him describe his success in video #2.  

Chris suffered from Misophonia.  He had extreme emotional responses to certain sounds.  The specific sounds that caused him distress were in relation to chewing food.  

Kathy overcomes a sugar addictions.  She also had a rapid heart rate due to generalized anxiety.  She describes how her heart rate used to race as high as 200 beats per minute.  She no longer has this problem.

Are you motivated by pain or pleasure?  Meaning, does your motivation to act come from a desire to avoid pain or from seeking pleasure?

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