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NLP Practitioner Training
July 22 - July 28, 2024

This is a 7-day immersive training in which participants gain a profound sense of possibility, clarity of purpose and self awareness.

What We Will Learn

Image by Brett Jordan


We use words to process meaning because there is no other method available.  This causes words to create a meaning that we come to believe as reality.  We rarely consider that our words may be what is constructing our reality and therefore, changing our words may create a new possibility that was previously unavailable. 


The power that is gained from learning how to listen, recognize patterns in words, use language with others and ourselves in an effective way gives us control to make better choices.


Advertisers and the media are using language patterns and other secrets of language to gain influence and it is important to learn to recognize how they are doing this.  This knowledge leads to the wielding of incredible influence with others and with ourselves.

Image by George Pagan III


We all develop pre-existing ideas that help us filter information and assign meaning to life’s events.  These filters, although necessary are not always helpful in allowing us to behave at our best.  A recognition of our own filters and learning how they were created based on past experiences can open the world of possibility in a way that can feel magical and euphoric.


Breaking away from patterns and being able to live into new patterns by design will lead you to dramatic positive changes in your life.

Image by Steve Mushero

Negative Emotions

Our unresolved negative emotions from historical events are stored in our minds and bodies.  The patterns of behaviour are linked to the level of negative emotion that lives inside us.

Resolving these negative feelings through re-framing, understanding and forgiveness will enable you to experience a calm demeanour that leads to behaviour flexibility.


The person with the most behavioural flexibility controls the outcome and this level of flexibility is achieved through radical emotional control.  This feeling of control will allow you to see all the possible behaviours as well as their likely outcomes in real time.  This will lead to better choices and consequently, better outcomes.

Image by Brie Odom-Mabey

Feeling Stuck

Staying stuck can have its advantages and we are rarely able to spot these advantages without help from an outside source. We are too close to our own problems, and this causes self sabotage through clever and very unconscious thought processes that are trying to be helpful.  Your unconscious mind always has a positive intention, it just does not always produce good results.


Learning how we are keeping our cycle of negative results flowing and how we may be benefiting in some way leads to powerful learnings that dislodge us from “stuck states.”


Programming The Mind

Thinking is programming as far as our mind is concerned.  This means that each and every day you are programming the computer that creates your results.


Being deliberate about this program by carving out a few minutes per day to create new neural pathways in the brain that lead you toward your goals is critical.  Leaving it to chance and hoping that your current thoughts are enough to create the life you desire will lead to mediocre or poor results.


You will gain a deep understanding of how your thinking produces your results and gather evidence throughout the training that your life is changing for the better.  Many of our difficulties arise from our beliefs and learning how to change your beliefs and values is one of the most valuable mental tools available to us. 



Living with a fear of judgment, fear of failure, or even a fear of success can be debilitating.  This fear can cause us to play small and limit ourselves in all areas of life.


An awareness that fear is something that we relate to shows us that we can choose to relate differently.  Fear is not something we have; it is something we do.  This recognition and understanding enable us to break free from the shackles that hold us in place and limit our success.


When we expose the illusion of fear it vanishes.  Fear must live in the darkness, and it loses power once it is exposed for the false mental constraint that it really is.  Shine a bright light on fear and it melts away leaving you free to live freely and powerfully.

Image by Katie Rainbow 🏳️‍🌈


People do not create lives that are better than the identity they carry in their minds about how they really are.  Can we become healthy if we see ourselves as an overweight and unhealthy person?  Can we become successful business owners if we see ourselves as a failure as it relates to financial freedom?


You will feel a shift in identity that will give you profound insight into things that felt impossible and now feel possible.  You will gain a renewed passion for life and creation that aligns your conscious and unconscious mind in a way that you may not have ever experienced before. 


This new identity leads to a feeling of possibility that anchors deep in the core of your being.  You will feel this shift in your mind and body.

Image by Victor

Choice Points

We are all faced with decisions and in some instances, we do not feel like there is much choice available. We will often select from the 2 or 3 available choices and fail to realize that other people in the same circumstance may have over 100 choices available.


If we believe we have 2 choices, we do.  If we believe we have 100 choices, we do.


Life is made up of a series of choices and when we change the lens through which we see the world we can limit our choices further or we can allow in new data that produces an abundance of choices.  

A new way of looking at the words will alter the data you use to assign meaning.  A better meaning is assigned when we hold a better self-image (identity) and this produces an abundance of choice.  This training will culminate in an opening up of possibility so you can see what was invisible just 7 days earlier.


This opening up leads to a powerful new dimension to explore and create the life you can now see with clarity, passion, and determination.

Image by Nick Morrison

Topics We Will Cover

7 Day Course Training Topics

1. State Management

2. Sensory Acuity

3. Rapport Building

4. Perceptual Positions

5. Congruency

6. Anchoring States in Self

7. Anchoring States in Others

8. History Edits

9. Setting Intentions

10. Calibration Exercises

11. The Power of Metaphor & Story

12. Metal Model (language of specificity for creating new frames)

13. Milton Model (artfully vague language and its utility)

14. Abstraction to Create Agreement

15. Re-framing

16. Strategies and Elicitation

17. Creating Expectancy

18. Format for Coaching Package

19. Structure of Coaching Sales Call

20. Eye Patterns

21. Quantum Time Technique for Emotional Trauma Release

Removing yourself from your own mind and learning to observe and experience yourself in a new and objective way creates opportunities for change.  Growth in all areas of life is easier to realize when you can manage your emotional states.


Having this objectivity will enable you to recognize patterns in your own behaviours as well as others.  This enlightened way of being gives you a glimpse into a world that was unavailable in the past.  This leads to behaviours that are in line with your conscious goals and desires.  Results come easily to those who can align their conscious and unconscious minds.  In NLP, we refer to this as congruency.


When you are congruent you can make choices that produce positive results.  You are more adaptive to change and can access an abundance of behavioural flexibility in the face of obstacles and stressful situations.


Not only will you learn to apply these learnings to your own life, but you will also be given a manual from which to practice with other people if you wish.  You may want to start a coaching business and include these techniques in your existing practice or in your workplace.  Or perhaps you just want a competitive mental advantage in your own life. 


NLP Practitioner training is for anybody who wishes to be more effective, joyful, calm, and excited to live each day to the fullest. 

Email me to Register 

Limited Spaces Available 

Regular Fee $3300 for course 
$300 for Zoom follow-up calls.

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