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What is Unconscious Coaching?


When our Unconscious Mind is in conflict with our Conscious Mind we will find it very difficult to achieve our goals.  Consciously we want something but we work against ourselves due to internal conflict.  Through the use of NLP techniques and Hypnosis I help people align themselves in a way that makes achieving their goals much easier.  There is very little need for willpower when we have such alignment.


Will you tell me what to do in order to improve my situation?


Not at all.  My role is to guide you on a journey into your own unconscious so you can see the underlying patterns of behaviour that are coming from deep within your Unconscious Mind.  Once these patterns are exposed you can easily dissolve them so they no longer hold any power over you.  I will ask you to do some mindfulness exercises to ensure the revelations you had in your session take root in your mind, however, there will be no need to make drastic changes to your behaviour at a conscious level.  The changes will happen unconsciously.  Your behaviour will be different and you will simply notice it as you are exhibiting it.  It is at moments like this which clients often send me emails saying, "you wouldn't believe what happened today!"  


Will you be hypnotizing me?


A deep trance is not necessary in every situation.  It will depend on what specifically you wish to deal with.  If you are a high performing athlete that wishes to gain a mental edge to improve performance, hypnosis would be appropriate.  If you are fighting a weight problem or a smoking addiction, I would use a combination of Hypnosis and NLP over several sessions.  Each client is as different as the situation they are facing so each intervention is customized based on what's is required to make the necessary changes. 


Will I need to come back several times?


This all depends on the situation.  If you wish to get over a phobia such as a fear of flying or a fear of the dentist, you may only require one session.  If your goal is to lose a significant amount of weight that you have been struggling with for many years, you may require 4 or 5 sessions.  If I don't feel your problem is something I can help resolve I will inform you after your free consultation.

How can you cure phobias in only one session?


Phobias are learned.  The only fears we are born with are the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.  All other fears are learned which means they can be unlearned.  The NLP techniques that I use do not require a lengthy discussion to determine the origins of the problem. Instead, the focus is on changing the way the brain perceives information and the way it creates an internal representation of the thing that create fear.  Once a new representation is created the old one ceases to exist.  This is a very rapid process and phobias are often resolved in one session.  

Can this be done over Zoom?

Yes, the entire intervention can be done without ever leaving the comfort of you home.  We can do the session(s) using Zoom.  The only requirements are that you have a quiet place with no interruptions.

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