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It was such a pleasure working with Surinder.  Initially, I reached out to see if he could help with a disorder that I was recently diagnosed with. We completed a consultation and within that hour of listening to my story, he never judged me or presented any emotional invalidation.
In one session, he recognized that I had a few factors that were possibly contributing to my diagnosis. We worked on this step-by-step and at my own pace. Surinder was fantastic to help offer resources, online programs, daily exercises, etc. that could be beneficial. At the end, I had a new way of thinking and interpreting my diagnosis. I'm so happy I didn't hesitate to reach out. It was truly a fun experience!

Erin Vbd (Brockville, ON)

I used to have panic attacks and after working with Surinder I have resolved this issue. I see the world differently now and I can control my physiology. I was having a full-on panic attack every 6 weeks on average and now it’s been 6 months without one. I feel great. Jason Ross (Brockville, ON)

I was feeling anxiety about going away to College and I feel prepared now. I also used to get scared of loud noises and jump.  This would lead to feelings of anger because I could not control my fear of loud noises. I don’t get nearly as afraid anymore and the best is that there is no anger that follows. Paige Welburn (Brockville, ON)


I don’t even recognize the old person I used to be. I have tried many therapies in the past and this was so different.  It comes down to way you explain things and the daily mental exercises you taught me to do. I used to be affected by the seasons changing and this year as we moved into the winter, I found my mood was stable.  Samantha Lennox (Brockville, ON)

I was having panic attacks daily for 6 years. It was constant and I had tried many other types of therapy. I am so happy that I don’t have panic attacks anymore. I have also gained control over negative eating habits and I feel hope that I haven’t felt in a long time. Beth Typhair  (Brockville, ON)


I was suffering from Agoraphobia and the pandemic made it worse. I have struggled with this for many years but recently I was not able to leave my house and I would have panic attacks regularly. After working with Surinder I have been able to work again.  I feel very comfortable and feel like I have my life back. Paula Fairfield (Brockville, ON)

I recently worked with Surinder on an insect phobia that had impacted my life for 2 decades. He helped me shift my approach so that I now no longer have a phobic response. On top of that, he helped me get to the root cause of why I was afraid, which has allowed me to gain more confidence and self-worth in all areas of my life. I would never have made the connection between a phobia and self-worth if it weren't for Surinder's expertise. He is knowledgeable, concise and truly cares about helping his clients succeed.  Carrie Fisher (Toronto)

I contacted Surinder because I was in my 5th year of dealing with anxiety and cyclic vomiting. I had periods of remission and wellness, and then would become ill and the vicus circle kept repeating itself. I had hospitalizations due to chronic vomiting, received counselling, psychiatry, medication and other numerous treatments.  All these things helped but the cycle would repeat itself and I would be brought back to a state of vomiting and anxiety that left me depleted emotionally and physically and unable to work at times.

I had a friend ask me if I had ever considered NLP, and she told me that she had a friend who had seen Surinder and was very happy with the outcome. That sparked my interest as I had never heard of NLP and thought I would investigate. After reading about NLP it made sense to me because I knew that I was not consciously creating the illness so it must be something in my unconscious mind (a light turned on in my head). I read through others testimonials and was thoroughly impressed by each person’s journey and outcome. 


I E-mailed Surinder regarding my illness and asked if he would be willing to treat me. We set up a phone appointment and then proceeded to book sessions. I can honestly say something inside me felt better, lighter and hopeful after our first call.

Surinder has helped me see that my mind is very strong when I thought it weak. He was able to help me realize that I had negative/false unconscious beliefs that I had turned into a beliefs. Through my internal dialogue and poor understanding of my behaviours I was creating the very thing (Illness) I was trying so hard to escape from. 


I was waking up each morning either nauseous or afraid of being nauseous. After my first session the nausea started to subside, I was able to shift my focus to the present and feel at peace instead of the fear of the future I was living with daily. I have gained control over negative thinking and in doing so I have dissolved the sickness that was taking over my body and thoughts. I can report that I have reduced the medication I was taking, I have no nausea or fear of nausea returning because of the tools and knowledge Surinder has given me. 


I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Surinder. Surinder is very professional, caring and is gifted in his to ability to help others heal themselves within. I would highly recommend Surinder to anyone who is struggling or looking for change, trust in yourself and the process and you will be amazed with the outcome. Thank you Surinder for helping me make a profound lasting difference in my life.  (C.W Prescott)

Since the very first treatment, my son Nicolas showed decreased signs of depression,  sadness & worthlessness.  We were shocked that in two hours he seemed to have a calmer nature with a softer form of communication with us.  By the end of the 2nd treatment Nicolas was back to himself showing the affection & happiness he used to show us.  He also immediately became more social in our family instead of the insulated teenager locked in his room that we had become accustomed to.  

He has the knowledge to deal with life as it comes more effectively & to work with his emotions & thinking patterns.  This has been a life saver for our family & we highly recommend this type of treatment for anyone that is struggling.

Lorri Mazara-Pringle (Brockville)

I suffered for many years with anxiety, which was only heightened while trying to cope with a terminally ill parent. As my mother’s illness worsened, my anxiety started to consume me and began to manifest into physical ailments. After her passing, I was overwhelmed with grief and anxiety and went to Surinder to help me figure out a way to deal with these feelings. Through hypnosis I was able to see that controlling my anxiety was something that was within my power, as was how I chose to deal with the grief of losing my mother. I can’t give the exact moment things started to feel better, or even explain why they were better, but they were. Even though I still have to work to control my anxiety, Surinder helped me understand that the power is within me to make things better.  Laurie Lawrence (Ottawa)

For months, our 13 year old son was unable to get to school because of headaches, stomach issues and other ailments generated by anxiety. He would go to bed at night, then tell us in the morning he had barely slept an hour or two. No amount of talking through it seemed to get to the root of that anxiety and insomnia. A few sessions using Surinder Gill's neuro-linguistic programming approach delivered genuine results. Our son developed the sense of initiative and the self-discipline needed to get up in the morning and go to school and no longer struggles with the same anxiety. C. Z. (Brockville)

My anxiety was crippling and my emotional eating was out of control. My weight gain was affecting my life in many ways. I also suffer from depression and I felt as though my life was out of control. I have tried many different therapies and diets without success. Since meeting Surinder my life has changed tremendously. I learned that my anxiety was the root cause of my over eating. It was very interesting in the sense that I felt like I created a "domino effect." As my anxiety came under control I found that I was no longer eating in the same way. I have lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks and it was effortless. I don't binge eat anymore at all. My life is so much better and my confidence level is through the roof. My demeanor is different and all of my personal relationships have improved. I feel like the candle that went a long time ago is now illuminated again. Surinder has the knowledge, the passion and caring nature to to be a positive influence in your life. He certainly helped me a great deal. Surinder, I thank you. Andrea Blumenthal (Brockville)

It’s funny how we all have this impression of what hypnosis is because of the stage performers who do it in high schools for a laugh. Surinder patiently explained what that was and how this process is different. I saw Surinder for crippling anxiety. I had a prescription for anti-anxiety medication but couldn’t bring myself to take it. I figured there must be one last option to try—and that’s when I heard about Surinder. Hypnotherapy is an active process; it’s not something that is done to you but rather something you choose to actively participate in. You need to be willing to actively participate and be honest and maybe a little vulnerable. Not knowing Surinder personally, I was unsure about becoming vulnerable but he is kind, professional and takes good care of you. He is like your own personal mental cheerleader coaching you though whatever behaviour or beliefs you no longer want to have. You don’t need endless visits to achieve success. In a two-hour session I felt a profound change. I am still unmedicated and able to cope with my stress and anxiety with the tools he helped me put into place. I would recommend Surinder to anyone who finds themselves just wishing they could change a belief/fear/behaviour. What do you have to lose?  Sarah (Ottawa)

My daughter who is 12, saw Surinder for her extreme fear of needles. She kept waking up at night, even two years before she was due for her next needle, crying and hysterical just thinking about it. Surinder had helped us with other things (anxiety, confidence) so we thought “what do we have to lose?”  My daughter did great. From being a child who couldn’t even talk about needles to being able to line up at school to get her grade 7 inoculations, she had a big improvement. She says she still cried when it was her turn, but there’s no way she would have even gone to school that day if Surinder hadn’t helped her. He even had a ten minute chat with her the morning of the needles to remind her how brave she is. He really does care that much. Surinder can help with any belief or behaviour in your life that is getting in your way. Just have a little faith. 

Sarah (Ottawa)

I suffer from anxiety and after just one session with Surinder, I was able to visualize my calm place.  I now approach stressors armed with the power of visualization and calm.  Thank you. T.C. (Brockville)

I was able to quickly get over a situation that had been bothering me.  Surinder showed me in minutes that it was what I was doing when recalling a memory that was causing the problem and not the memory itself.  Through a short exercise I totally changed how I felt.  Now, when I recall this memory, I am not affected by it at all.  I've just stopped going back into that memory because I feel nothing when I do so there is no point.  I liked that he also took the time to explain why this technique works so well.  I find I have more control over my emotions in normal everyday situations. Summer Stang (Cornwall)

I was incredibly stressed and not able to sleep for weeks due to a traffic violation. Surinder, by using NLP, helped me to stop worrying about the ticket which had consumed me for weeks. Not only did I stop worrying about it, when someone asked me about the ticket, I had to take a moment to figure out what they were talking about, It had been put so far in the back of my thoughts. On top of not worrying about the problem anymore, I was sleeping better than I have in years. I am very grateful to Surinder for his help. Dianne Harper (Brockville)

I had the opportunity to have a session to overcome a fear I’ve lived with for years. Since then I feel more confident with that particular fear as well as in many other situations. Would highly recommend.  Laurie Prichard (Brockville)

I connected with Surinder after I experienced what I like to call, "situational anxiety". I was feeling as though I would never return to my regular self after an experience that I had endured as I was having trouble sleeping, eating and leaving my house due to making myself so sick. After a phone call and 1 session with Surinder, I began to go back to my normal ways. Surinder gave me the tools to use and completely normalized my situation which was the most helpful.

Sarah B. (Brockville)


I have struggled with anxiety for longer than I can remember. After a few sessions of NLP, I was able to discover some underlying factors that were contributing to my anxiety. These things and experiences were unconsciously triggering my anxiety and, in turn, enabling my panic attacks. I can now recognize where and what situations cause anxiety and I’m able to relieve myself from panic in a healthy and manageable way. H.D.  (Brockville)

I took my daughter to Surinder due to a traumatic life event that was affecting her sleep and school attendance. She had attempted to harm herself. She did her best to not have to go to school and would text me by 9 am each day asking me to come pick her up. The frequency of the texts would increase throughout the day.  She had completely cut herself off from friends and spent the days alone.  By mid afternoon the anxiety attacks were so intense she couldn’t breath and felt the weight on her chest was unbearable.  Most days she only managed half days and this was for a full month.  In one session Surinder was able to change how she viewed the event and quite literally the moment I picked her up from that appointment she was herself again.  The next day she didn’t make any attempt to avoid school.  She also didn’t text me so I ended up texting her in the afternoon.  She was doing fine.  She has not missed a day of school or had any trouble sleeping since the appointment.  She has also not spend one lunch hour alone. When she speaks of this life event now she sort of snickers as if to say “I can’t believe it affected me in that way.”  Two days after her treatment she came face to face with the cause of her anxiety and she was absolutely floored by how calm and collected she felt. She is so grateful to have trusted the process and let Surinder help her. Christie Livius-Mclaughlin (Brockville)

Before I went to Surinder I had a frightening experience that months later led to anxiety attacks that left me shaking, dizzy,  fearful and unable to deal with even the slightest bit of stress and I was afraid to leave my home. I saw this as a wakeup call  that my thought patterns were mostly on the negative side.  I had done some research about hypnosis and NLP and was pleased to find someone in my area who practiced this. During the first visit to Surinder I was a bit skeptical but  after a couple more sessions I began to feel more relaxed and secure. I am now able to go out without too much difficulty and deal with everyday life. I'm not completely back to the very active person I was but with a few more training sessions with Surinder, a bit of encouragement and more diligent monitoring of my daily thoughts I hope to  get my life back to normal.

H.G. (Brockville)

I have been afraid of driving and being a passenger on the highway for a very long time. It was affecting my life and my family. The fear was getting worse and not better no matter how hard I tried. I met with Surinder and was skeptical it would work as the physically and mentally anxiety was so strong. I still can’t believe the change. My husband and I both cried tears of joy after my first session when I got on the highway and felt ZERO anxiety or nerves. The triggers I had before didn’t induce any anxiety at all! I continued seeing Surinder to work on generalized anxiety and overeating habits. That was 2.5 months ago and the change in my overall lifestyle is drastic. My husband saw the changes in me and started on a 5 session journey as well. I have lost weight by living a MUCH healthier lifestyle. I am a more calm, happy and present as a parent, friend, and partner. I could go 5 sessions with Surinder have changed my life and I am so grateful to have the tools to continue this forever.  Sarah C. (Brockville)

I love traveling but fear flying and this creates quite the dilemma for me.  I’ve had this fear for many years and with just one session with Surinder, I was able to get in a plane and fly without fear 5 days later.  The return flight 7 days later was equally as comfortable.   Now I'm feeling confident and comfortable about flying and feel like I don't have any travel restrictions.

Navi Braich (Ottawa)

I have had a fear of flying after a very turbulent flight. The door closing would send me into a panicked state and I thought I would never be able to enjoy flying again. After working with Surinder I can say my problem is gone! I recently flew with no anxiety at all. The interesting thing about it was that it was a very foggy day and we had to circle the runway for a whole hour before we could finally land. I was slightly concerned but no more than anybody else on the plane. I had no anxiety! If you are suffering from anxiety I highly recommend you contact Surinder. I have also felt a level of emotional control as a passenger in a car that I have not experienced before. In general, I feel I have way more control over my emotions.

Kelly Ross (Ottawa)

I was experiencing anxiety and having trouble sleeping in November. My brain was continuously spinning, keeping me in a constant state of anxiety. I made an appointment with Surinder on a Friday and he made room in his schedule to see me the following Monday.  Surinder was able to provide me with mental drills that took my mind to a better place, allowing me to finally achieve some much needed sleep. Two months after my initial episode I am pleased to say that I am back to my old self. A big thank you to Surinder for the part that he played in my recovery. David Inch (Brockville)

Feeling Stuck
Feeling Stuck

It has been one year since I completed the Breakthrough program with you and I just thought I would send a message to let you know how things have been going since then. I can honestly say that the milestones I have achieved in the last year would not have been possible, without your assistance.


As it relates to my career, the impact has been huge. I had the confidence to take on a high profile job where I had to deal one on one with executives from across our organization, and I did it with great confidence. Two years ago, taking on this type of role would have been just a dream. Most recently, I have been selected by our executive team to start a position as Interim Manager in the work section that I am currently part of. There is not doubt that my increased effectiveness and confidence at work have been recognized by my superiors as a result of the changes from NLP.


I also know that to progress in my career as a federal civil servant in Ottawa, I need to learn French, and I put it off for the last 20 years of my career. It just seemed like an unachievable challenge. You helped me understand why I was selling myself short, and how to reprogram my self-limiting beliefs. I am happy to report that I have been studying French diligently, and I am well on my way to achieving my certification.


In my personal life, there have also been big improvements. For example, since I completed the Breakthrough program, I have been on a strict exercise regime, and I have not missed a workout in a full year, and I am in the best shape of my life. I have also noticed that I am more calm and able to maintain my composure - I don't sweat the small stuff like I used to before. I am able to change my state when required, which helps me deal with tough situations much better.  Overall, I can't thank you enough for helping me make all of these positive changes in my life. (B.G. Ottawa)

When I came to Surinder I was sad, depressed, lost and uncertain of my path in life. I came to him at a point in my life where I didn’t know where to turn. I needed to be set free of my own thoughts and feelings. I ended a marriage of 15 yrs and that pain I felt was unbearable.  I felt betrayed and lonely. 


In my sessions with Surinder I found clarity and reasons for my feelings. We worked on smoking as a result of being sad and bored. Feelings from my past life and what happened to me all came out.  A lot of emotions and feelings that I didn’t know were there. He set me free from a lot of feelings that were sitting in my subconscious mind. I made amends with people from my past and moved on with my life.  I feel free and I have stopped smoking.

Having a new outlook on life I started looking for the great things in life I started working on my weight loss journey and it has been nothing but incredible. I have lost nearly 50 lbs and am feeling great.  All my body pains have gone away and I am feeling like a brand new person inside and out. 

I know life is short and I’m going to live it to the fullest going forward.  Thank you Surinder for opening my eyes to myself and getting me back on track.  Diana MacDonald (Brockville) 

I had back pain for over a year.  I had gone to my doctor and a chiropractor and figured it was something I would have to live with.  After the first session with Surinder my back felt better and with 2 days it was gone.  I didn’t realize that the pain was associated with unresolved trauma from my past.  Lucas Burns (Brockville, ON)

Bad Habits
Bad Habits/ Smoking

I haven’t smoked for 18 months since seeing Surinder.  His program is very different than anything else I have experienced.  The psychology behind why I was smoking was what I needed to understand, and Surinder uncovered this for me.  I have had no cravings whatsoever.  I don’t feel like I quit.  Instead, I feel like a non-smoker.

 Les Peddell  (Brockville, ON)

I quit smoking and I can’t believe how easy it was.  I was able to make the cravings go away easily and now I just don’t have them anymore.  Smoking is just not something I even think about anymore.

Rocky Bigford (Smiths Falls, ON)

I smoked for 50 years and I quit after doing this program with Surinder.  I quit after the very first session and the minor cravings that did happen in the first little bit were easy to deal with.  I did the things he showed me to do and the cravings would go away.  Simple as that.

Brian Collins (Brockville, ON)

I quit smoking after 40 years!  I am amazed at how little willpower was required and I am very happy with the results.  I have no cravings at all.  I have that my ability to handle stress is much greater and my overall happiness is greater as well. 


I have wanted to quit for 2 years and tried Champix as well as vaping.  The Champix gave me nightmares and cramps so I stopped.  I did manage 5 weeks with vaping but that didn't last either.  After seeing Surinder I have not smoked for 9 weeks.  I have no urge at all.  My lungs feel clearer, and I was coughing up black stuff for a while. That has stopped now, and I have noticed my sense of smell is better and food tastes better.  I have also noticed that I do not get angry over little things like I used to.  The biggest surprise has been how I respond in stressful situations.  I was concerned that extreme stress would cause me to smoke, but smoking is the furthest thing from my mind no matter what is going on in my life. 

D.C.  (Brockville)

I have been trying to stop biting my nails my whole life and I am 38 years old. I could stop for a day at most but would always start again. They would look awful so I would be self conscious about them and they would hurt since they were so short. No amount of will power could get me to stop as I would always think about biting them and eventually would cave. One session with Surinder Gill and I have not even thought about biting my nails. This is the first time in my life I have been able to stop.  Mark Heffernan (Brockville)

I have been smoking for 11 years now and with Surinder's help, I am proud to say I am 39 days without a cigarette.  It's so easy it feels unbelievable.  I've tried so many times to quit and always failed.  Surinder has taught me tactics to help in my weak moments and they work like magic.  I still have 2 sessions left to go but I already know that I will never smoke again.  I have always been curious about Hypnotism and now I wish I would have tried this years ago.  I honestly don't think I could have quit on my own.  Brittany Deeks (Brockville)

Surinder helped me gain control over my desire to drink Pepsi and eat sweets.  I lost 18 pounds in two months and am amazed at how easy it has been.  He increased my desire to go to the gym and now I look forward to working out.  The only way I can explain it is that my thinking process has been altered.  During my second session I mentioned that I was deathly afraid of snakes and Surinder cured me of this lifelong fear.   It didn't seem possible, but I felt differently, and I waited to see how I would react when I saw a snake.  Eventually, it happened, and I was startled but I was not scared.  My response was nothing like it would have been before.  After I saw the snake I walked right past the area where I had seen it.  That would never have happened before.  I highly recommend Surinder and I am a true believer in hypnosis and NLP.  It has changed my life. Melanie Kavanaugh (Brockville)

I had tried to quit smoking and wasn't able to.  I decided to try Hypnosis and I am happy to say that I have been smoke free now for 3 months and I have not had even a single craving.  I quit right after the first session.  I am glad I did all 5 sessions though because I have found many other positive changes in my life.  I have clarity of purpose now in a way that was missing before.  These positive changes are coming out in the results I am getting in many areas of my life.  I realize now that it was the internal conflict in my mind that was creating most of my difficulties.  I feel aligned in my thoughts now.  It is not hard to quit smoking when every part of you wants the same thing.  My conflicting thoughts have vanished.   J. Mody (Ottawa)

Can't say enough positive about my session and the results.  For years, I have been addicted to diet Pepsi despite knowing the negative health consequences.  In just 1 hr, I have completely eliminated this from my life.  I have zero cravings.  The session was informative and very simple to follow.  I would highly recommend this type of treatment for any addictive condition. T. S. (Ottawa)

Surinder knows his stuff! He made me feel comfortable and safe during this process. Being able to guide me through to my subconscious was such an amazing experience. I've been able to overcome some really self-destructive habits and realize my full potential. I would recommend Surinder to anyone wanting to get more out of life. Alexi Devereaux (Brockville)

I had experience using hypnosis in the past for pain management, but had never thought to use it to curb cravings for food and drinks. I wanted to make some positive changes in my eating habits. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Surinder. As a heath care professional I was very happy with the way he took the time to explain to me how this was going to work, and how it may be a little more difficult for someone like me who may try to overthink how it works. He also helped me see how this tool could be used beyond the caffeine and high sugar foods I was trying to avoid. I have seen the benefits. I went from stopping at the TimBits box every time I walked by it at the office, to actually feeling ill thinking about eating one. And many of my co-workers plan to see him, seeing how my eating habits have changes so drastically.  Never thought it would be that powerful! J. Stickney. - (Brockville)

My son developed a habit of biting his nails when he was 4 years old.  We tried to get him to break the habit and nothing worked.  One session with Surinder and he hasn't bitten his nails since.  It felt so strange to me that this could happen that I kept waiting for him to go back to nail biting. It's been 5 months and now I'm convinced that the problem is gone.  I still don't know how this could be possible but I know it works.  I see the evidence everyday.  R. Johal (Oakville)


I was a little skeptical about the whole idea of being hypnotized. I figured it to be a load of hogwash and couldn’t see it having a positive impact on my life.  After attending several sessions with Mr. Gill, my whole paradigm has shifted. He helped me to connect with my subconscious mind. It allowed me to be able to question some of my behaviours to determine if they were necessary or had just been programmed into my brain.  I would recommend this experience to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life.  Aaron Taylor (Brockville)

I frequently give presentations to large groups of people as part of my job. I was always hesitant to really put on an engaging performance. I relied on my notes, stood behind a podium, and stuck to my comfort zone.   With Surinder’s help I was able to overcome my fears. Now I make presentations without relying on notes and I have a level of confidence that I could only dream of in the past. My presentations resonate much better with the audience and the delivery is much more natural.  I highly recommend Surinder’s services for anyone who has anxiety or a fear they need to overcome.  H. Gill (Ottawa)

Weight Loss
Weight Loss

It was a very rewarding experience that opened my mind to obstacles that I didn't know I had been competing with my entire life. Besides the concepts that were taught I found it one of the most intellectually rewarding experiences of my life. While one of the original goals was not reached right away, other rewards were immediately seen by me and especially others around me. These included a better temperament and calmness in various situations both at work and in my personal life. Two simple examples are I had always wanted to write a book but had always been frustrated because "there was always so much to do" rather than enjoying the two or three pages I did complete and edit. The result was that I did finish the book and had a copy printed at Staples as a Christmas present for my mother and father. The second was a model train I am building in my basement that had been stalled because I saw so much that had to be done and was frustrated that it wasn't moving forward. Because of that I rarely worked on it because it was another "job" and not a "hobby". The tools of self pacing and stepping back to look at the whole picture allowed me to enjoy the small movements forward that did take place. The result was when I did have the time those small movements forward of a couple of feet of track were not looked at like I could have done more but instead as a movement forward and the goal of having the track for the bottom level of the layout was finished at the end of December when I thought that maybe I might have it done by the summer.

But the biggest change was in my weight. Now I am not frustrated if I gain weight between weigh ins at the local EWYN weight loss centre, but instead as a temporary step back and I go forward with renewed confidence to get that gained weight back to a loss and to move forward in a positive fashion. The tools that Surinder provides to you are an opportunity to gain a positive balance that is so important every day in life. And if you are willing to work through the process and use those tools, the rewards will be felt by you and seen by the people in your social and work circle. It is a journey worth taking and I recommend it without hesitation.

Duncan Dewar (Brockville, ON)

For the majority of my adult years I have been addicted to soft drinks, as well as a regular fast food customer.  Over time those habits led to a substantial weight gain.   Approximately seven months ago I went to my first session with Surinder, since that session I have not craved or drank a soft drink (still some in my refrigerator for my other family members) and have only been to a fast food restaurant twice (used to go 4-5 times a week).  I am now enjoying working out on a regular basis, and when the gym closed due to Covid I quickly found other ways to keep active.   To date am currently down 51 lbs, and fully expect I will get to my goal of loosing 60 lbs!  I would definitely would recommend Surinder to assist your with weight loss goals.  L. Reid

I was introduced to Surinder through my wife who had seen him to get over a fear of driving.  Normally, we can’t drive on the 401 because of her anxiety and after just one session we drove to Costco and she had no anxiety.  We were both in tears as we experienced this miracle together.  It was surreal and I knew right then that I was going to go see Surinder too.  I decided I wanted to get over my fear of taking my shirt off to go swimming with my son.  This had become an issue because at swimming lessons he wouldn’t get in the water unless I did and I would not even consider it. 

After my first session, the fear and anxiety around taking off my shirt was gone.  I can’t explain it other then to say it was different.  I had never felt like this before and now my son and I go swimming together every Saturday.  He takes his lesson without me and everything is great. Once I resolved my fear that kept me out of the pool I decided to switch my focus to weight loss.  In a little over 3 months I lost 53 pounds and I started exercising regularly.

Surinder taught me something called the Hakalou and now I can change my state just by what I focus on.  He also taught me how to take showers and slowly turn the water cold and not be able to feel the cold water.  I do this with my mind.  It’s so strange but man does it ever work.  The water is cold, I know it’s cold but somehow, I can’t feel it and that gives me an intense rush of knowing that I can do anything.  If I can stand in cold water and not feel the cold, why can’t I also eat smaller portions?  It’s just what my mind does for me now without me having to use any willpower. Trust me, if you are reading this and thinking that I am embellishing you are just like I was before I started this.  It seems too good to be true but the 53 pounds that I lost is very real.  My wife’s ability to drive in snow storms with no anxiety is very real.  The happiness on my son’s face as he splashes around in the pool is very real. If you commit to the process and you follow the instructions you are given you can accomplish anything.   At least that's how it worked for me.  B. Craig (Brockville)

This system is by far is the easiest way to achieve your goals.  I have successfully lost 30 lbs and maintained my weight.  The process of changing my thought process allowed me to reach my goal effortlessly. S.F.  

I went to Surinder to help me stop my relentless snacking behaviour, which has led to substantial weight fluctuations throughout my life. I wanted to lose body fat for good, not just for now.  I felt out of control around food.  I thought about food constantly and anytime there was food in the area, it seemed to ensnare me and I would overindulge time and time again.  I could white knuckle two or three days in a row without snacking at most.   After the first session with Surinder that grip immediately released. The chain shackling me to food had been broken. Now I can walk by food without a second thought. I can think about food in a detached way that I thought was impossible.  I finally feel like my goal of being in control around food and my behaviour are aligned. The confidence and strength I feel are astonishing and I have signed up for more sessions to strengthen my strategies and build on this confidence and strength.

Brenna Darling (Brockville)

I saw Surinder to help control my eating after supper. I seemed to snack from 7-11 pm daily and it was not because I was hungry. I did two session and I don’t eat at all after 7 pm now. It’s weird but it works. C.K. (Brockville)

I wanted to be able to make better choices when it came to my diet. I enrolled in a 5 week  program where Surinder would lead me through a series of scenarios and introduce strategies that I could use on a daily basis. He also had me set goals along the way. I immediately noticed a difference in the gym where I was more focused and disciplined in my training. My mental state went from "maybe I can do that" to "yes I can do that ." I was lifting heavier weights and moving through the activities easier as a result of incorporating my new strategies. My weight stayed the same initially but with a few minor adjustments the weight began to come off. Overall I found the program beneficial  and I would recommend it to anyone seeking help. Thank you Surinder it was a pleasure.  Jack Henry  (Brockville) 

No effort.  No willpower.  It's magical. I lost 21 pounds in 3 months. Moe G. (Kingston)

I have struggled with weight loss for a very long time.  Eating is a social activity that I always associated with family, laughter and good times. I also used food as a go-to when in need of a friend, whether it be to relieve boredom, anxiety or loneliness. Plus when stressed I love to bake. In other words, food was always close to me. After only one group session and then 1 one-on-one session with Surinder, I am able to connect with my subconscious and walk away from food.  But more than that, I have found peace. I can relieve anxiety on my own. I find I am happier with less weight on my shoulders.  I highly recommend this experience to everyone. Lise Patenaude (Brockville)

Performance/ Sports

My 9-year-old son was afraid of going into the basement. He refused to go downstairs unless someone was standing at the top of the stairs watching him. After one session with Surinder his fear was gone. Amazingly it never came back and he goes into the basement alone all the time now. How many other things will my son not develop a fear of due to this process? That's what I wonder. Highly recommended.

Dr.  S. Dhanoa (Montreal)

I was told I had anxiety at the age of 8 and all though I did a lot to help I still struggled with it. As a 15 year old I had a fear of raising my hand in class, my anxiety would always kick in. After 2 sessions with Surinder I was raising my hand and participating in class more then I ever thought I would. I also had less anxiety in general whether it was talking to new people or situations that used to make me uncomfortable.  The experience was also very comfortable, and I felt safe. Surinder would always give me time to think and there was no pressure. I would recommend Surinder’s services to anyone because of the difference it’s made in my everyday life. Seva Gill (Ottawa)

I’m 15 years old and I had one Hypnosis session with Surinder. I had a session because I had my biggest track meet of the year and I wanted to run my best race at the provincial track meet. My event is the 800 and my best time before the session was 2:06.23 and my goal was to cut off 3 seconds and make it into the finals. After I had my session, I felt more focused and had more confidence to reach my goals. Before my race I took some time to reflect on the session I had, and I got into a zone where I was less nervous and more focused. During the race I felt less fatigue and had a stronger finish which led me to hit a time of 2:03.47, which placed me in 7th in all of Ontario.  After this experience I know hypnosis works and I plan on having more sessions. Shan Dhanoa (Brockville)

Surinder Gill’s use of Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming helped me to over come my performance anxiety, something that I had been struggling with for a few years. Being a division 1 athlete, I constantly felt at a loss and was always worried that my performance wasn’t measuring up to standards. These standards weren’t what coaches had set out for me they were simply ones that my brain had decided on. Mr. Gill’s use of NLP and Hypnosis helped me to find new strategies to cope with my perceived failures. Not only was this technique helpful from an athletic standpoint, but it was extremely helpful in my everyday life. I would highly recommend these techniques to anyone. Whether it be high performance athletes or even someone who struggles with anxiety in school or social settings. 

Leigha Geraghty (Brockville)

I was very skeptical at first. I had heard of NLP and knew a little bit about Hypnosis  but I was not sold on it.  After a few texts and conversations I decided to give it a try. The whole session took just over an hour but when I left I felt it was shorter than that. I went in with the intention of seeing how he could improve my mental performance to allow me to be more focused in my CrossFit training. I’m a member of the Canadian armed forces and CANSOFCOM, I need to be at my best physically and mentally at all times. Surinder made the session easy and simple, no gimmicks. I left the session with an overwhelming feeling of knowing I was going to be at my peak performance for my lifestyle and physical performance in my job.  Its been over 4 months since my first visit and the techniques I learned still work. I can’t stress enough how much of a skeptic I was in the beginning compared to me now telling everyone they NEED to try this! You will not be disappointed.  Shawn Davidson (Brockville)

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