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About Me


Surinder Gill is a Master NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and a Certified Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists. 

Surinder has worked with many people with all kinds of desires for change. (Testimonials) Some had problems they wished to resolve and others had good things happening in their lives that they wished to make better.  


Surinder describes what he does as "unconscious coaching."  


"I do not tell people what to do.  I do not diagnose problems, prescribe a remedy or treat a specific illness.  What I do is allow people to see patterns of unconscious behaviour within themselves.  When people are able to shine a bright light on the pattern of behaviour that is causing their issue, it becomes very easy to dissolve that problem.  We cannot solve problems that are created in our unconscious by addressing them with conscious reasoning.  It simply doesn't work.  We all do things that we know we should not do, yet we do them anyway.  Dealing with a problem where it lives (in the unconscious mind) results in positive outcomes that are achieved very rapidly and with limited intervention. Some problems such as phobias are often resolved in one visit."

Surinder also provides training for Companies that wish to train their management team on the art of influence through language.  Hypnosis is achieved through the use of language.  For this reason, the same principals that create the phenomenon of Hypnosis in a clinical setting can be used in any conversation.  

The language patterns that are used in a non-clinical setting (conversational Hypnosis) are slightly different but still effective.  This is because the principals of Hypnosis do not change due to the context.  The focus when teaching Conversational Hypnosis is split between specific language patterns and the theory behind why they work.

Portrait photo of Surinder

NLP Practitioner Training
April 29 - May 5, 2024


Get Into Rapport With Your Unconscious Mind, and Change Becomes Easy

Feeling Stuck
Bad Habits

Anxiety is fear of the future.  Shifting our focus from the future to the present is the secret to removing anxiety.  Through the use of NLP and Hypnosis we can regain control over our physiology (heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating..) as well as our internal dialogue by becoming present in our minds.

We think in patterns and subsequently behave in patterns.  Exposing our current unconscious pattern and bringing it into conscious awareness is often all it takes to move out of a "stuck state."

All habits are executed through the use of strategies.  These strategies we use happen in less than a second so we don't think of them consciously.  Once we can break the habit into it's various parts we can interrupt the strategy to create a different behaviour.


Many smokers believe they smoke for the nicotine.  The truth is, nicotine withdrawal is minor and dissipates completely after 72 hours.  Smoking gives the smoker a "secondary gain."  Some other benefit that's not always apparent to the conscious mind . The stop smoking protocol involves a shift in thinking that makes the process of becoming a "non smoker," a joyful one.

Weight Loss

Overeating (or making poor food choices) is always emotional.  When we see how our past has shaped our relationship with food we can change it.  It's the unconscious program that's running in our mind that needs to be understood.  It can't control us once we understand how we created the program.


Elite athletes understand that the right "state," is necessary to get optimum results.  State is defined as our Neurology, Psychology and Physiology.  There are no bad days when it comes to an athletes mental toughness if they have mastered the skill of "going into state," at will.

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