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Using willpower to stop smoking is possible but very difficult.  In fact, most people fail with that approach.  The unconscious mind is creating a compulsion to smoke and addressing this problem through Hypnosis and NLP means it gets addressed where it lives - in your Unconscious Mind.

The first stop is understanding what triggers you to smoke.  Each time you smoke you are following a specific strategy in order to get to the outcome of smoking.  It is critical to gain an understanding how this unconscious strategy works for you.  Once you can see it, it loses power over you and now you will have real choice when it comes to stopping smoking.  You will feel a sense of control that you could not imagine before.

This program is perfect for anybody that:

  • Has tried to quit using willpower.

  • Has tried gums or vaping to quit.

  • Understands that the actual nicotine craving is minimal which means the real habit to break is coming from your mind.

  • Wishes to enjoy a healthy life but fears that certain things will not be enjoyable without smoking.

  • Is concerned about how you will deal with stress without smoking.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Easily quit smoking without using willpower.

  • Learn to recognize how your emotions are related to your smoking habit.

  • Learn how to altar your emotional state through a, “pattern interrupt,” that automatically leads to a new pattern of behaviour.

  • Learn to recognize the trigger that leads to your desire to smoke.

  • Learn how to go into a powerful resourceful state at will.  A state that overwhelms the old negative state that used to lead smoking.

We always behave in a way that is consistent with what we believe to be true.  If we believe that we are not able to quit smoking we will certainly find it difficult to quit.  It  is as though we are playing tug of war with our 2 minds.  Our conscious mind wants to live a healthier life and to stop smoking but if our unconscious belief is that, "we cannot stop smoking" we will not have long term success.

The unconscious belief will always manifest itself in reality and this is why we try to overpower it through the use of willpower.  

This is also why Hypnosis and NLP techniques are so effective for smoking cessation.  If we can shake the limiting belief we hold about ourselves that keeps us smoking, we can believe something new instead.  If the new belief is consistent with that of a non-smoker, you will behave like a non-smoker and it will not require an ounce of willpower. 

How do I know it will work?

How do you know it will not work?  Many people have quit smoking through the use of Hypnosis and you could be one of them.

The smoking habit was created in your mind.  If it was the true addiction that you have convinced yourself it to be, why are you not waking up at night to smoke?  Why are you able to survive hours on an airplane without any cravings?

It is because your mind has created strong triggers based on your environment that lead to a desire to smoke.  Identifying these triggers and putting a mental process in place that automatically leads to a different desire is needed to get a better result.

If you are really sick of smoking and are fully committed to quitting, this program will work.

When smokers focus on all of the things they may miss by quitting, they are not likely to be successful. When they learn to filter their thoughts so that their focus is channeled towards how wonderful it is to be free of this filthy habit it becomes easy.

Here is what you will get:

  • Five sessions  (Zoom or in person).  Each session is booked 7 to 14 days apart depending on the situation.

  • Written material with each session so you can remember what you learned and have easy access to the mental exercises required to reprogram your mind.

  • A clear vision of your ultimate goal with a profound feeling of confidence to achieve it.

  • The clearing of limiting beliefs you are currently carrying with you as though they are a part of you.  Beliefs are not thing you have, but rather, things that you do. Believing something is an active process and when you understand this, you can easily choose to believe something different.

  • An overall feeling of well being and happiness.  The clearing of negative emotions and limiting beliefs will have a positive effect on many areas of your life that are not related to smoking.

  • Unlimited email support throughout the process.

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