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Control Anxiety

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Anxiety is fear of the future.  It is being afraid of something that has not happened yet and is unlikely to happen.  Often, it will manifest itself in our physiology and cause shortness of breath, butterflies, weakness in the knees and a host of other symptoms.

To control anxiety we need to learn how to manage our "state."  State is defined as the sum total of our Neurology, Psychology (self talk) and our Physiology at any given moment.  If your state is dictated to you by your environment, circumstances or how other people treat you then being in a positive state is simply a matter of luck.  Some days it works out for you and other days it does not.  Learning to control your state gives you all the power. Is it still possible to feel the shortness of breath or butterflies?  Sure it is, but only when you want to.  For example, when you are about to go down the first hill on a roller coaster or you are approaching the most exciting part of a movie.  The physical symptoms you are feeling are rarely the problem.  It is the story you are telling yourself about what the physiology you are experiencing means.  It is that meaning that you are assigning to the event that is the culprit. The physiology that can send you into a panic attack is very similar to what you feel when you are excited, is it not?  The difference is the story you are telling yourself about what these physical symptoms mean.  Control that story and control your anxiety.

This program is perfect for anybody that:

  • Has generalized anxiety.

  • Has tried other methods to control their anxiety.

  • Feels that they cannot control their thoughts and are a victim to their own thoughts.

  • Suffers from physical symptoms that result in panic attacks.

  • Is concerned about long term health consequences due to stress caused by anxiety.

  • Wants to live a happier life with control over their emotional state.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Walk into situations that normally caused you to be anxious and instead be overflowing with confidence.

  • Detect your anxiety in it's earliest stage and change your state by managing your thoughts.

  • Learn how to alter your emotional state through a “pattern interrupt” that automatically leads to a new pattern of behaviour because you "feel" different.

  • Learn to recognize the trigger that leads to your anxious state.

  • You will have a deep understanding of the subjective nature of reality and how the mental maps you have been using were the problem. 

We cannot create a reality to live in that is inconsistent with the reality we hold inside ourselves. The outside world is a reflection of what is going on inside you.


You will not create a life that is better than what you feel you deserve or are capable of achieving. 


Overcoming our limiting beliefs is a crucial step to making any lasting change in our lives.  The first step is to learn what your limiting beliefs are. 


Everything you interpret must be consistent with the beliefs you hold deep in your unconscious.  Change those beliefs and you change your interpretations.  Change how you create meaning to the stimulus around you and you will find your behaviour changes on it's own.  After all, you are responding to what you have convinced yourself is reality.  Reality, is subjective. 

How do I know it will work?

I have had many clients that suffered from panic attacks for years and I was able to stop them from occurring after just one session.

If you have created an anxious state through learned behaviours it means that you can also unlearn these behaviours.

If you are creating your anxiety though a series of external and internal processes then we can examine how you are doing it and you can learn to do something different.

You will know after 1 session if you are on your way to a better life and there is no commitment needed to complete the protocol unless you are 100% satisfied I can help you.

When people fall victim to the notion that their environment, circumstances and other people are responsible for their happiness they make their lives difficult.  Interpreting life in a way that puts you in charge of our emotional state is easier to do than you realize.

Here is what you will get:

  • Five sessions  (Zoom or in person).  Each session is booked 7 to 14 days apart depending on the situation.

  • Written material with each session so you can remember what you learned and have easy access to the mental exercises required to reprogram your mind.

  • A clear vision of your ultimate goal with a profound feeling of confidence to achieve it.

  • The clearing of limiting beliefs you are currently carrying with you as though they are a part of you.  Beliefs are not things you have, but rather, things that you do. Believing something is an active process and when you understand this, you can easily choose to believe something different.

  • An overall feeling of well being and happiness.  The clearing of negative emotions and limiting beliefs will have a positive effect on many areas of your life that are not related to smoking.

  • Unlimited email support throughout the process.

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