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Pain Explained

Chronic Fatigue or
Pain in Driven People

Driven people often push themselves to the limits and focus more on the care of others than they do themselves. Sometimes a specific event such as a viral infection or extreme stress can cause symptoms to linger and morph from one part of the body to another.  Your immune system overloads due to a lack of answers from doctors. The stress may mount, and your symptoms could get worse due to the mental focus that is natural under such circumstances.


Your internal voice begins to operate on a loop that says something like, “You are going to be in pain forever, you will never fix this.” Your unconscious mind becomes more convinced that this additional pain and fatigue is precisely what you want. It delivers what it believes you need and want. Your  unconscious mind’s prime directive is to ensure your survival and your pain is a signal from your unconscious mind telling you to slow down and focus on self-care.


This may be difficult for a person who has created an identity around focusing on the well-being of others or of being a “driven” person. Your mind systematically creates fatigue, brain fog, and pain so that you are forced to conserve energy and heal fully. It is concerned that you may cause further damage by continuing with your driven nature. You won’t listen, so it forces you to listen. The more you fight this the more your unconscious mind thinks it needs to turn up the pain. You cannot fight this; you can only submit.


It is a beautiful example of how your mind protects you from self-harm because you stop dead in your tracks, or you push through it and your body turns up the pain because it is concerned that you are not taking the hint. The subtle hint can turn into unbearable pain, brain fog, and fatigue as your instincts do what is necessary to ensure your survival.

Pain and fatigue are powerful hints for you to stop pushing yourself and focus all your energy on getting fixed. If your instinctual processes feel that you are not cooperating in your healing, it will continue to amplify pain and fatigue. The good news is that we can eliminate unnecessary pain symptoms by communicating directly with our unconscious mind so we can turn off the unnecessary pain signals.

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