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-Upcoming Seminars -Structure of Thought Anxiety Relief Method

Reducing anxiety is easy when you understand the structure of thought that creates the anxious feelings. How would you like to think in a way that leads to feeling of calmness instead of anxiety? Anxiety is fear of the future.  Quite often, the things you are afraid of will never materialize. Just like depression is an unhealthy imaginative connection with a person’s past, anxiety is this unhealthy imaginative connection with the future. The resolution to anxiety resides in learning how to feel present.


My goal is to help as many people as I can take control over their lives. I want to add to my growing list of happy people that can enjoy social functions, be in large crowds or just frame a life event in a way that leads to resourceful positive thinking and behaviours.


I want to help as many people as I can live longer, healthier, and happier lives.


I’m Surinder Gill, creator of Structure of Thought Anxiety Relief Method, that helps people control their physiological responses to life events through effective thinking. 


I have helped many people that suffer from panic attacks, and they stop having them immediately after experiencing this method.  Many of these people have had significant counselling in the past. 


The seminar has 3 distinct phases:

1) You will understand that structure of thinking that has created your current feelings of being trapped by your habit.  This understanding will cause your mind to access new ways of thinking that have not been available until now.

2) You will feel confident and may experience feelings of euphoria or lightness.  This happens through a combination of understanding your thought structures as well as the use of Hypnosis to create a neurological change.

3) You will gain a feeling of understanding that the difficulties you have faced were the creation of your own thinking.  The fact that your thinking created your problem is so apparent that you will easily think your way into a new future.  A new future as a calm person that handles life’s challenges in a calm manner with a  great deal of behavioural flexibility.  At this stage you will realize that you are no longer the same person you were prior to the seminar.

Q. Why are these seminars so long?

A. I use a combination of my "Structure of Thought Method" as well as Hypnosis.  A minimum of 4 hours is required in order to ensure your change sticks forever.  

Q. Can you just hypnotize me to be more calm?

A. Yes, I could do that and it would work for a period of time.  How long would it work?  6, 9 or 12 months?  Hypnosis on it's own is enough to get many people to gain emotional control, however I feel I have proven through my work with clients that a long term solution requires more than just Hypnosis.

Q. Do you do Hypnosis sessions in your private practice?

A. Yes, but generally there is a component that delves into thought structures as well.  When it comes to quitting smoking or weight loss or anxiety, I have never done a stand alone Hypnosis session.  I insist on doing a protocol that is well rounded to increase the odds of creating a permanent change.


Anxiety Relief

Coming in 2022


Anxiety Relief

Coming in 2022

Smiths Falls

Anxiety Relief

Coming in 2022


Anxiety Relief

Coming in 2022


Anxiety Relief

Coming in 2022


Anxiety Relief

Coming in 2022


Send your info now to sign up for the Seminar you'd like to attend.  Limited Capacity.  

Each Seminar is $295 plus HST and must be prepaid via Etransfer.

Limited Capacity. 

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