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Transformation Seminars

Are You Ready to Change Your Life? 

Surinder Gill is a Master NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and a Certified Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Surinder has worked with many people with all kinds of desires for change. Some had problems they wished to resolve and others had good things happening in their lives that they wished to make better. Surinder describes what he does as "unconscious coaching."

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What is Unconscious Coaching?

When our Unconscious Mind is in conflict with our Conscious Mind we will find it very difficult to achieve our goals.  Consciously we want something but we work against ourselves due to internal conflict.  Through the use of NLP techniques and Hypnosis I help people align themselves in a way that makes achieving their goals much easier.  There is very little need for willpower when we have such alignment.

Transformation Seminars

Quit Smoking


Many smokers believe they smoke for the nicotine.  The truth is, nicotine withdrawal is minor and dissipates completely after 72 hours.  Smoking gives the smoker a "secondary gain."  Some other benefit that's not always apparent to the conscious mind. The stop smoking protocol involves a shift in thinking that makes the process of becoming a "non-smoker" a joyful one.

Release Excess Weight


Overeating (or making poor food choices) is always emotional.  When we see how our past has shaped our relationship with food we can change it.  It's the unconscious program that's running in our minds that needs to be understood.  It can't control us once we understand how we created the program.

Dissolve Anxiety


Anxiety is fear of the future.  Shifting our focus from the future to the present is the secret to eliminating anxiety.  Through the use of NLP and Hypnosis, we can regain control over our physiology (heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating...) as well as our internal dialogue by becoming present in our minds.

What should you expect from these Seminars?


To put it simply: RESULTS. Using his one-of-a-kind "Structure of Thought" method, you're guaranteed to leave with a new outlook that has you managing stress, enjoying social occasions and dealing with boredom without even thinking about smoking/snacking/dissociating.

The seminar has 3 distinct phases:

  1. You will understand that structure of thinking that has created your current feelings of being trapped by your habit.  This understanding will cause your mind to access new ways of thinking that have not been available until now.

  2. You will feel confident and may experience feelings of euphoria or lightness.  This happens through a combination of understanding your thought structures as well as the use of Hypnosis to create a neurological change.

  3.  You will gain a feeling of understanding that the difficulties you have faced were the creation of your own thinking.  The fact that your thinking created your problem is so apparent that you will easily think your way into a new future.  A new future as a non-smoker.  At this stage, you will realize that you are no longer the same person you were prior to the seminar.


Save Your Spot Today

The Transformation Seminar on January 15th has been postponed due to COVID19 regulations. Submit an inquiry below to be kept informed about the new date when it is rescheduled!

Each Seminar is $295 plus HST and must be prepaid via Etransfer.

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