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Lose Weight 


Mental Focus

Losing weight is easy when you understand the structure of thought that creates a desire to eat in an unhealthy way.

How would you like to think in a way that makes eating smaller portions and eating healthy foods feel great?

How would you like to look at old pictures of yourself and wonder how you ever allowed yourself to get that heavy?

Think effectively and create the healthy body you want.

As an NLP and Hypnosis Trainer, I'm here to guide you on a transformative journey.  

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What you will Learn

1) Your inability to regulate your emotions may be causing weight gain.  Learn the important role your emotions play in your food choices.


2) The meanings you assign to life events lead to the behaviours you choose.  Learn why these meanings may not be as real as you have believed. You can learn to assign better meanings that lead to better behaviours and this may be easier than you think.


3) The state you wake up in has a significant impact on your food choices throughout the day.  Learn a simple technique that will make it easier to make better food choices.

Exclusive Offer:

FREE Weight Loss Information Webinar

For maximum value from this webinar:

have privacy
minimize distractions
be prepared to take notes
be curious about what you do not know

Ready to learn
how your mind is managing your weight

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Stack the odds of
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Presented by Surinder S. Gill
Founder & CEO at

Gill Training Systems


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