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What leads to poor food choices?

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Many people come to me after having tried several fad diets. Often, they have short term success but the weight comes back. A better way to maintain long term success is to understand what's happening in your mind as you make food choices.

An important part of helping my clients lose weight is to establish the process they use to make poor food choices. The process is always the same but it happens beneath the level of conscious awareness so it is rarely understood. Once the process is understood we can put a method in place to interrupt this pattern of behaviour. Imagine any process that requires a sequence of events to occur in a particular order to get a result. What happens when you interrupt the pattern early in the process and change a step in a drastic way? You think differently which leads you to behave differently.

This is why positive affirmations can be so beneficial (repeating positive statements out loud, or in your mind). They interrupt a negative internal dialogue and this can lead to a different result. Affirmations alone do have some limitations though.

My belief is that taking this concept one step further and being more deliberate about when to interrupt your internal dialogue is far more powerful.

1) Learn how you are currently doing it.

2) Learn how to interrupt your internal dialogue at a strategic moment in the process.

3) Enjoy the new behaviour as it leads you to better results.

I get great joy from helping people manage their weight. Hearing my clients tell me that they are having success and for the first time they are not relying on willpower is very satisfying.

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